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An exclusive first taste of lab-made whiskey. Inside Endless West.

— Wall Street Journal

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Meet the 20-somethings recreating fine wines without grapes & fermentation

— Vice Munchies

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Grapeless wines are upon us

— Tech Crunch

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Voices from the Internet


The connoisseur in me says “No, get away from me,” but the millennial in me says “Toke me up some of that lab drank, brah.”

— everyone shut up i’m commenting


“Would you buy a bottle of [insert adjective here] whiskey?”


— E=MC Hammered


I would drink a bottle of lab-made whiskey, anyway.

— HighAndTight


Yes, people will still chase after the super-hyped whiskies, but serious whiskey drinkers are always eager for another good, readily available whiskey at a decent price.

— Sean Bond


I mean, if it makes a solid Old Fashioned… I just want a tasty beverage and a buzz. Let’s do this!

— Some Dude