A little
goes a
long way

Endless West concentrates are power packed, delivering the advantages of scale, speed and customization. They also eliminate supply constraints and help maintain consistent taste and quality.


For ready-to-drink cocktails, whiskey suppliers struggle to preserve the desired taste profile at a constant cost while also staying COGS-neutral. Adding GNS would lower the costs but create issues with the Statement of Composition. You would lose whiskey notes/flavors as you dilute it with pure alcohol.

With our 5X or 10X bourbon whiskey concentrate, suppliers can deliver high-quality whiskey and meet TTB labeling standards, all at a reasonable cost.

A Smart Solution for Two Key Groups.
  • Non US-based bottlers with a domestic supply of GNS, seeking substantial savings on shipping and tariffs

  • US-based aggregators with their own supply of GNS

Your Finished Spirit in Two Simple Steps.

Select from our stock concentrates with TTB regulatory approval.


Blend GNS and water into our concentrate, filter it and proof it down, and increase your margins.

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