Frequently Asked Questions


What types of spirits do you produce?

Using our technology, we are able to produce spirits inspired by virtually every category recognized by the federal Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), including Gin, Rum, Tequila, Whiskey and Brandy, as well as many of the subtypes within those categories. Ex: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

What is the difference between “bulk” and “concentrate” spirits?

While bulk is a consumption-ready product, concentrate is shipped at 10x the flavoring profile. It can typically be transported as a non-food item, and must be mixed together with both water and GNS (Grain Neutral Spirit, also sometimes referred to as ENS, or Extra Neutral Spirit) upon receipt at the proper ratios in order to achieve the desired final product. Concentrate tends to be ideal for international orders where both potential freight and duty concerns make it a more attractive option, but can be an attractive domestic option as well where the final rectifier has access to an abundant GNS (ENS) supply.

What labeling restrictions will I encounter by using liquid sourced from you?

Our proprietary process has allowed us to work closely with federal regulators to provide accurate statements of composition that are TTB-compliant. Depending on the type of spirit we are producing and the final end product, we are able to use the spirit classification on the label and may or may not have to include the natural flavors. (Ex: Bourbon whiskey with natural flavors or Old Fashioned made with Bourbon Whiskey).

How do I file for TTB approval using your products?

As the manufacturer of the liquid, we will secure formula approval from the TTB. In order to receive the liquid from us and package it, you need to be licensed as a spirits manufacturer with the TTB and your home state. Before you package the liquid and label your product, you will need to apply for label approval (called a COLA) from the TTB. We will be able to assist you with the application process by providing you the approved formula ID number and a letter giving you permission to file for a COLA.

Do you have nutritional information available for your products?

We do have the calorie count and basic nutrition information available on our approved formulations upon request.

How do I get started?

If we didn’t cover something or you’re ready to start collaborating with us, please reach out to Maria Lisanti, National Sales Director, at


What quantities are your products available in?

We are able to produce in quantities as small as an industry-standard tote (265 gal), all the way up to a tanker truck (7,000 gallons) or more.

At what proof is “bulk” liquid shipped?

Bulk liquid is shipped at either 120 proof, or “optimal proof”, meaning the ideal proof to be bottled directly upon receipt. An optimal proof will vary depending on the product but typically is between 80 and 86 proof. Bulk liquid shipped at 120 proof will need to be proofed down with water upon receipt but allows for greater efficiencies on freight costs.

What are the typical lead times for spirit production?

You can expect 4-6 weeks lead time for your initial order, particularly if it’s a custom formulation. However, for repeat orders against a forecast, we will have the raw materials on hand, making it just a matter of production capability. 


Why does the pricing seem significantly less than sourcing bulk spirits from other producers?

The process eliminates the majority of the steps in distillation and aging that drive inefficiencies. By removing the aging process and much of the cultivation process, we are able to reduce the land usage, CO2 emissions, and water usage associated with standard production methods, all of which lead to less waste and lower production costs.

What is the minimum purchase/shipping quantity?

Very much negotiable, although for shipping purposes it must be at least an industry-standard 265 gallon tote. One 265 gallon tote could potentially yield more finished product if shipped as a concentrate or at a higher proof than the anticipated finished product. The best price will be at the tanker or full container level.

Is there a charge for formulation?

While we maintain a robust offering of existing products and flavor profiles, there is a charge for formulation if you are looking for a specific flavor that we don’t currently offer.

Is the tote charge included in your liquid?

No. Your tote charge will be a separate line item to your liquid costs and is typically in the $500 range.
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