Endless West Awarded 17 SIP Awards For Bulk Spirits.

Bulk spirit producer Endless West continues growth momentum and wins big at 2023 SIP Awards.

San Francisco, California— June 2nd, 2023 Endless West, leaders in the creation of innovative and award-winning bulk and packaged spirits, has won 17 awards for 14 different spirits in the prestigious 2023 SIP International Spirit Awards Competition.

In a record-breaking year of submissions, every spirit entered by Endless West received an accolade. Three spirits received an Innovation Award– an exclusive recognition that celebrates innovative, interesting and ground breaking spirits. With 1,382 entries from 49 countries, the SIP awards continue to set the industry standard for unbiased, consumer-based competitions.

Endless West’s accolades include:


Salted Caramel Flavored Whiskey

Bold Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey With Natural Flavors

Reposado Tequila With Natural Flavors (Inspired by 100% Agave Tequila)

Blanco Tequila With Natural Flavors (Inspired by 100% Agave Tequila).

Double Gold:

Balanced Kentucky Straight Bourbon with Natural Flavors

Margarita (Made with Tequila and Triple Sec)


High Spice Kentucky Straight Bourbon with Natural Flavors

High Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon with Natural Flavors

White Rum with Natural Flavors

London Dry Gin

American Brandy with Natural Flavors

Absinthe (Vodka with Natural Flavors)

Premium Absinthe (Vodka with Natural Flavors)


Blended Whiskey

Innovation Awards:

Margarita (Made with Tequila and Triple Sec)

High Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon with Natural Flavors

Blended Whiskey

“Our partnership with Endless West has accelerated over the last 18 months. Their finished bulk products represent a significant part of our product growth plans. These awards come as no surprise to us as we’ve seen consistent quality from them, and our customers are finding their products a compelling value proposition. It’s always great though to have external, non-biased validation such as the SIP awards.” Niels van der Kloot, President, Ultra Pure.

Endless West is a one-stop shop for commercialization for spirits and RTD brands. Their client services offer many benefits including increased margins, streamlined sourcing, scalability and a fast, nimble route-to-market.

Endless West is committed to more than quality spirits, carefully crafting products using methods that work toward three key environmental initiatives: a smaller carbon footprint, land conservation, and less water usage. Endless West’s flagship product, Glyph Spirit Whiskey with Natural Flavors, uses 94% less water and 92% less agricultural land, while reducing CO2 emissions by 87% compared to traditional production methods.

About The SIP Awards:

The SIP Awards is a distinguished blind-tasting judging competition that provides spirit brands with unbiased consumer-based feedback. For more information, visit www.sipawards.com.

About Ultra Pure:

Founded in 2006, Ultra Pure is located in Darien, Connecticut and is the leading bulk alcohol supplier in the United States. Ultra Pure supplies high quality bulk ethanol & high proof spirits for varying uses and industries. These products include Grain Neutral Spirits, aged and unaged Bourbon and Whiskies, Organic Alcohols, Rum, non-GMO Sugar Cane Alcohol, and all specialty denatured Alcohols. Ultra Pure services not only industrial and commercial industries, but also Food and Beverage.

Ultra Pure LLC and Sasma BV are part of Sasma Holding BV.

Additional information is available at (203) 662-9761 or through their website: https://bulkalcohol.com

About Endless West:

Endless West is a leading supplier for bulk and packaged spirits. Headquartered in San Francisco, California with a production facility in Detroit, Michigan, Endless West uses a blend of curiosity, creativity, and innovation to reimagine how spirits are made. Their clients range from individual brand owners to global manufacturers. For more information about their spirits, services and capabilities, please visit http://endlesswest.com 

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