We’ve always been free spirits, especially when it comes to our work. After years of experimenting, tinkering, and perfecting, we’ve created Molecular Exclusives: small batch, limited releases of our newest projects.

Here’s how molecular spirits are made.

First, we smell, taste, and analyze a particular beverage to determine the molecular fingerprint we’re after.

Next, we gather those molecules from resource-efficient natural sources.

Lastly, we experiment with our ingredients and craft iterations in the lab.

Our bottles of Molecular Exclusive are ready to be shared.


Kazoku, which means “family” in Japanese, is a molecular spirit inspired by Japanese sakes. Made without rice, Kazoku requires 75% less water, 60% less land, and 40% fewer carbon emissions to produce compared to conventional sake brewing.

Kazoku features hints of green apple skin, peach pit, rosewater. Crisp, delicately balanced, and lightly sweet, it rounds out with a savory finish.

375 mL | Grain Neutral Spirits with Natural Flavors. 16% alc. by vol.


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    We may be scientists and sommeliers by trade, but we are optimists by nature. By crafting molecular spirits in unprecedented time, and with radical environmental benefits, our work creates new ways to enjoy today’s favorite drinks, far beyond tomorrow.